The City of North Pole, just 13 miles from the Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city, is a great place to live and work. The North Pole Police Department offers a great opportunity for those interested in law enforcement. Opportunities to be a law enforcement officer do arise from time to time, thus we will take applications anytime. The applications will be held for a period of one year and if during that time an opening occurs, those applications currently on file will be considered. After one year, your application will be removed and you then must complete another if you want to have one on file. Once completed, you can drop off your application at City Hall or mail it to:

City of North Pole
City Clerk
125 Snowman Lane
North Pole, Alaska 99705

Click here to download an application [36kb .pdf]
(you will need Adobe Reader)

We are currently accepting applications

When an opening occurs, there is a selection process that takes place. The following is this process:

  • A completed Alaska Police Standard Council Form F-3 (Click here to download [51kb .pdf]) must accompany your completed City of North Pole application in order for you to continue in the hiring process.
  • An entry level written test will be given and scored. Only those passing this test will be allowed to proceed.
  • An initial background investigation will be done.
  • Upon successfully passing the initial background investigation, a conditional hire will be given to continue in the process.
  • A questionnaire will be given to the applicant, followed by an in-depth background interview.
  • If necessary, a physical agility test will be performed.
  • A polygraph will be done for those who have successfully passed to this point.
  • Psychological testing will be given.
  • Prior to employment a complete physical will be done only on Alaska Police Standard Council form F-2. (Do not turn in until requested to do so)

Follow-up interview given, if necessary.

  • Drug screening performed (paid by NPPD).

The applicant must pass all the above steps to be eligible to become a law enforcement officer. If the applicant cannot pass all the above, he or she will no longer be considered for employment.

Click here to download a job description [38kb .pdf] for an officer
in the North Pole Police Department

Reserve Police Officers use the same process.

If you are applying for Reserve Police Officer indicate this on the application.

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